Sunday, March 23, 2014

Two Of A Kind

What a lovely trip down memory lane this project was for me.  How I loved making adorable outfits for my children when they were small.  When I looked through my new crochet book this little dress was so adorable I couldn't resist it.  It was a challenge for someone who hasn't crocheted much since the early eighties.  I started one dress and  and worked on it for what must have been over a week.  I managed to get it down to where it flares out and there it got difficult.  Many rows were tried and many ripped out.  Finally I got the bright idea to start the other dress since the tops was just plain double crochet in a circle and I could do that now.  In one evening the second dress was even with the first.  After that as soon as I figured out a new pattern row, I could do it on both dresses.   I was ecstatic when I finished the last row on the bottom.  I know someone with twin girls. I hope the dresses will fit!  I used different color flowers so mother can tell them apart. (the dresses not the girls)  At this point I don't know which dress is which and they are not perfect, but they are finished and they are adorable!   I am thinking about another crochet project, but right now I'm happy knitting another pair of socks.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Dipping My Toe Back In The Crochet Pool

I had a "crochet period" in the early eighties and sad to say I have forgotten most of what I learned then.  One of my very close friends was going to teach a class on crocheted snowflakes.  Since I didn't remember a single crochet from a double, I picked up a library book that had illustrations of the basic stitches.  I honestly didn't want to be the slowest person in the class. That part of the plan worked perfectly. I made my snowflakes and had fun doing it.

 I planned to just return the book, but I spent some time looking through it and I was captivated by a pattern for a little girl's summer dress.  I started it and although it is a challenge , I am having a wonderful time working on it.  I know someone who has twin girls so I'll be making two.  Of course I had to buy the book, Crochet One-Skein Wonders.  I don't know how long this crochet infatuation will last this time, but for me knitting always wins out in the end!

Friday, January 31, 2014

Once Is Not Enough

I had so much fun knitting my sweater. I haven't had a knitting project that I had so much trouble putting down for ages.  So my daughter picked out yarn in lovely pastels for one for her.  It's hard to believe but the second one is even more fun to knit.  Sometimes something easy like a top down sweater is just the relaxing kind of knitting I want to do.  The random changing colors keep it interesting. The pattern is Gilet cout d'ete by Marie-Adeline Boyer. I love this pattern! This one is Lion Brand "Amaze" in carnival colorway.  The original pattern has cute little short sleeves, but I decided I would like longer sleeves.  Making the change was easy.  The second sweater will have long sleeves as well.  I'm waiting impatiently for the arrival of a pale green beach glass button from Maine for this one.  I used one of my beach stone buttons from the great lakes on mine.  I hope you will excuse me now, I have time for a few more rows!

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

One Last Post For 2013

Purl always told me that top down sweaters were fun to do.  A gift from my daughter of Lion Brand "Amazing" and a great free online pattern have beguiled me to the point of distraction. I can't sit and knit all day any more. My hands won't stand it, but I want to. I really do.  I find myself using a couple of rows of knitting as a reward for any necessary chore I finish.  This color is called Aurora.  I love the palette.  This sweater will go with almost anything.  It even goes with the love seat in the living room.  The yarn is soft and fuzzy.  I hope it washes well.  If this keeps up I will have this sweater done in record time.  The yarn for the next one is on it's way here as we speak.
If this knitting enthusiasm continues, you may hear more from me in 2014.  It would be so nice to have a happy and productive New Year. This is a nice start!