Monday, September 22, 2014

Big Sister

Hi! I'm Becky's "big sister" Sylvia!  I am older but she always told me "You are not the boss of me!"  I love to knit like Becky does but she is a more advanced knitter so "big sister" learns a lot from her. I am part of a Prayer Crafter group at my church where we began with prayer shawls and have found all sorts of fun projects: chemo caps, baby blankets, mittens, sweaters etc. We have even sent hats, scarves and gloves to Bulgaria! I am looking forward to posting some fun projects here! Thanks, Becky for inviting me.

Time for a Big Change!

Starting very soon, my Big Sister will be writing on this blog with me instead of Purl.  Truth be told I have not heard from Purl for a long time now.  Since I want this blog to survive, I have invited my sister to join me in writing on this blog.  She is just as crazy about knitting and other neat projects as I am.  We plan to have lots of fun!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Two Of A Kind

What a lovely trip down memory lane this project was for me.  How I loved making adorable outfits for my children when they were small.  When I looked through my new crochet book this little dress was so adorable I couldn't resist it.  It was a challenge for someone who hasn't crocheted much since the early eighties.  I started one dress and  and worked on it for what must have been over a week.  I managed to get it down to where it flares out and there it got difficult.  Many rows were tried and many ripped out.  Finally I got the bright idea to start the other dress since the tops was just plain double crochet in a circle and I could do that now.  In one evening the second dress was even with the first.  After that as soon as I figured out a new pattern row, I could do it on both dresses.   I was ecstatic when I finished the last row on the bottom.  I know someone with twin girls. I hope the dresses will fit!  I used different color flowers so mother can tell them apart. (the dresses not the girls)  At this point I don't know which dress is which and they are not perfect, but they are finished and they are adorable!   I am thinking about another crochet project, but right now I'm happy knitting another pair of socks.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Dipping My Toe Back In The Crochet Pool

I had a "crochet period" in the early eighties and sad to say I have forgotten most of what I learned then.  One of my very close friends was going to teach a class on crocheted snowflakes.  Since I didn't remember a single crochet from a double, I picked up a library book that had illustrations of the basic stitches.  I honestly didn't want to be the slowest person in the class. That part of the plan worked perfectly. I made my snowflakes and had fun doing it.

 I planned to just return the book, but I spent some time looking through it and I was captivated by a pattern for a little girl's summer dress.  I started it and although it is a challenge , I am having a wonderful time working on it.  I know someone who has twin girls so I'll be making two.  Of course I had to buy the book, Crochet One-Skein Wonders.  I don't know how long this crochet infatuation will last this time, but for me knitting always wins out in the end!