Friday, January 27, 2017

An Irresistible Crochet Pattern

I am trying so hard to finish old projects and not to begin new ones and then I see a spiral shawl on Facebook that grabs me and won't let go.  I am a knitter who crochets sometimes.  I did a gauge swatch like a good little do bee, but something is not right. Far be it from me to keep this project to myself.  Donna Childs designed this and you can see the fabulous picture by visiting her blog,  I will frog this and try again with a smaller needle, but the dc with picot has me confused! I guess I could use some help!

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Stunning Asymmetrical Crochet

I'm a knitter, but every once in awhile I get hooked on crochet.  I've been having a great time doing this crochet pattern.  It is an asymmetrical poncho pattern from Lion Brand.  I used yarn I already had and I love the colors.  Laid out flat it looks terribly wrong.  I thought about blocking it, but decided to try it on instead.

Whoa! It looks pretty amazing on the shoulder seam side!

It's official, I love the back!  But it doesn't have to be the back it can be the front.  They are in fact the same except for color.

The side with no seam is a little longer. I like the red!  So if the seam is on the right side, the right side is shorter and the left side is longer and the point hangs to the right in the front and to the right in the back, BUT if the seam is on the left side, the left side is shorter and the right side is longer and the point hangs to the left in the front and to the left in the back.  I wanted asymmetrical and  this poncho certainly is that in spades!  I find the overall effect stunning!

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Worldwide Knitting in Public Day

Today is Worldwide Knitting in Public Day. Grab your knitting and get out there.
You can find me at the link below!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Countdown To Worldwide Knitting In Public Day #3

Since this is June 4, there are just 9 more days until the Knit In.  The Sidney Memorial Library is the place to be  from 9:30 to 3:45 on Saturday June 13.  Knitters bring your knitting and a friend. If you would like to learn knit please come and give it a try.  Perhaps one of the knitting groups that meets at the library is right for you!

Check out this no water, no spine knit cactus.