Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Be Still My Heart Pin

If you are just sticking your toe into the deep, deep pool that is bead knitting, the charted heart on page 136 of Lily Chin's book is a great place to start. You will need to string your beads from the top down. This is opposite from the way they are knitted. The last bead strung is the first one knitted. It is in the stringing of the beads that I found the most pitfalls. The heart is symmetrical . You won't end up with things backwards. (This is especially annoying when you try lettering!) I used the alternating twist method for this pin. It tilts the beads first one way and then the other. Lily’s directions are great, but things are decidedly different from your usual knitting. Concentration is needed. If you drift off into muscle memory, things will go awry. However with some practice the stitches become more normal. I made this bead patch into a pin by sewing felt onto the back and adding a sew - on pin back. It's a great pin to wear on your coat in February or in October on your costume if you are going as the tin man for Halloween.

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