Wednesday, May 9, 2007


While Knit One is counting backwards, I am doing random. The yarn in this necklace is typical of a stash special. There is a wonderful article in Knitty, an internet magazine with many free patterns and informative and entertaining articles. In one called “It’s not a stash, it’s a collection”, by Kate Antonova she looks at a stash in a very different way than most, (such as one’s husband who is always tripping over bins of yarn). It truly is a wonderful read and anyone who has ever found themselves stroking a skein of yarn in a lys will definitely enjoy it.
This yarn I used is one of those which falls into the category of too expensive to purchase enough of to make anything but so beautiful that it has to be acquired. Once I started beading, I discovered that I could use some of these yarns and still have them to admire because it’s hard to use up a skein on a piece of jewelry. The yarn is hand spun in Peru and I found it in a Free Trade store.
The beads are from Fire Mountain and are mostly wood, although there are some crow beads there too. Working without a net, (I had no pattern), I fooled around with increasing and decreasing and strung the beads as the mood took me.
This is not delicate, it is very different from the kind of work required by seed beading but I loved doing it and being surprised at the end with the result. It always garners comments and I’m planning on going even bigger. There are some huge wooden beads just calling to me.

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