Friday, May 4, 2007

Eat Your Heart Out Harry Winston

Knit One and I decided to start our beading experience with a pattern from a wonderful book by Lilly Chin. It's called Knit and Crochet With Beads. This book is lots of fun and Lilly Chin makes it all look so easy. The pattern we chose is called "Harry Winston Has Nothing on Me Necklace". Neither of us used the materials called for in the pattern, we just used what was in our stashes. For those of you who are new to knitting, a stash is something that starts as a basket, turns into a box, then a pile of boxes, then a closet then a room full of yarns and beads and needles you've collected. Knit One has a whole stash room. Mine is many many huge plastic tubs which have taken over a walk-in-closet. The thing about using yarn from a stash is that it frequently is a lonely ball with no label so we can't always tell you how to reproduce what we do. Most times, we can't reproduce it ourselves.

I used some black yarn with sparkles in it and some pearl-like beads which fit the yarn. When beading, it's important that the bead hole is large enough to comfortably move on the yarn. Don't know where I got the yarn, the beads were from a garage sale several years ago.

Lilly used very narrow silk thread and beautiful seed beads. Naturally, her necklace is very detailed and elegant. The great thing about this pattern is that it does work for different sizes and although the finished product is very different looking, it still is a very lovely necklace. I am presently working on one with the same beads (it was a very large bag) and some gold thread. It's looking good but not complete yet.

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