Saturday, May 5, 2007

Fit For a Queen

Purl Too wanted to try knitting with beads. That called for a quick trip to Amazon. Lily Chin’s book looked good, and it is ! Sadly, I had no bead stash. Living in Tiny Town I can't just run out to the bead store. Fire Mountain Gems came to the rescue, but the choices were dazzling. I ordered lots of beads, nylon thread and the Big Eye Needle (You need this!) I did steal some of my husband’s dental floss threaders. They work pretty well and can be found at any drugstore. For my first Harry Winston I chose purple. I have no clue about the yarn, the label was long gone. The purple glass pebbles called to me. The holes in these beads were too small for the yarn. Undaunted I strung them on the nylon thread and used it as a carry along. As you can see , this one is different. If the Queen was stopping in Tiny Town, I would wear this!

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