Tuesday, June 5, 2007

We Go Modular

Iris Schrier's Zig zag Scarf is an interesting project. The pattern can be found in her book, Modular Knits. Modular knitting is a bit of a challenge. If you work on this one in the Doctor's waiting room, people might stare or even comment. Working back and forth on the zigzag makes your knitting look totally out of kilter sometimes. While you are knitting, it looks slanted and terribly wrong. (If you don't pay attention, sometimes it is terribly wrong!) After making this scarf several times with variegated yarn, I decided to try one in a solid color. This one is done with two strands knitted together. One strand is Le Fibre Nobili Merino Superfine. The other strand is Plymouth Eros in white. Done in one color, the scarf is very different because it places the emphasis on the stitch work. I find the results to be elegant and rather stunning.

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