Thursday, July 26, 2007

Learn From My Mistakes

2. Crow beads eat seed beads! I started off my first beaded bag in the usual way. I chose my beads (turquoise crow beads and # 6 seed beads from Fire Mountain. I charted my design on graph paper for both the front and back of the bag. I strung the beads in order on one strand of my yarn and got ready to knit. Things were going swimmingly until I got to a place where I needed a seed bead and had a crow bead instead. “How stupid” I thought, “You’ve miscounted again.” I broke the yarn and added the necessary seed bead, reattached my bead string and continued. Now I had an extra seed bead. Muttering to myself, I removed the offending bead. Now I was moving along and again another seed bead is missing. I decided that a recount of my bead string was definitely necessary. AHA! Seed beads were stuck in the holes of the crow beads. In the case of the first one the hole in the crow bead was large enough to let the seed bead pass through it to the other side. Undaunted, I got a # 3 knitting needle and used it to unwedge the seed beads that were stuck when I came to them. If you scroll down to Pandora's Bag, the finished bag is in the upper left corner. I’m a gardener. I should have known that crows will eat seeds if they can.

The bag pictured above is one of Purl Too's. She has gone to a different shape, changing the bottom of the bag pattern. The beads on this bag jiggle in a wonderful way. It makes me think of going out dancing.

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