Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Pandora's Bag

Did you ever find a knitting project so compelling that you made one and then you had to make more? Purl Too and I are entrapped in such a project. WARNING: This may prove addictive. It's not too late to turn back ! We have fallen down the rabbit hole of felted bags. Interested? Want to join us? Scroll down to the bottom of the page and subscribe to our blog. You will then be able to print out the pattern that will follow. Page 2 will give you the photo and pattern. You will need to reduce to 70% to get it on one page because for some reason it spills over without going onto another page.

Knitting and then felting in the washing machine is fantastic fun. I started with slippers. There were a few pitfalls there. I may post those someday, but now it's all bags. You will need 100% wool yarn. Plymouth Galway is my favorite. It felts well, comes in many colors, and is affordable. My first bag is done with red and a novelty yarn that I pulled out of a sale bin some time ago. Did I mention rabbits? They multiply fast! Here are some bags!

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