Saturday, September 29, 2007

Hats Off

Isn't she a sweetie? I wanted to make a felted hat but all I had to dry it on was a series of bowls, none of which matched my head shape. So, Knit told me I could refelt it if I got a hat form. One of my friends is a craftaholic and when I mentioned to her that I needed a head form and asked if she happened to have one she said, "Sure, in the garage." And she went right to it. (How many of you could find something that quickly in your garage?). So I refelted and shaped it on Betty Boop here and it turned out just the way I planned it to. It was great fun and you'll probably start to see many felted hats in the future. They are light and very warm and keep the snow from soaking through.

Grab and Go 1

Well, I like to have my socks match my undies. I like to feel coordinated from the inside to the outside. So when I started to make felt bags I realized I needed a smaller bag to hold my credit cards and license and also a key ring that matched. I always empty my purses. I know most of us just keep shoving stuff into them until nothing is findable but I like to have a different small bag for different things like make-up, money, medicine, a key to my gym locker at the Y, and all of these get unpacked and put into another bag which matches (there’s that coordination thing again) my next outfit. Here are some of the results. This one is a brown beaded bucket shaped bag. Along with it are a smaller bag and a key ring. They fit comfortably into the bag with room for a book and a bottle of water. This is just the thing to “grab and go” when you have to make a trip to the supermarket or the lys.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Tom Sawyer's Fence

Well, Purl Too and I finally got together the kits for our class. (See photo above) We included the mesh bag , the directions, the circular needle, the Galway yarn. Except for a temporary needle shortage , that all went smoothly. We gave everyone a choice of carry along novelty yarn , or beads and one intrepid knitter chose to do bobbles. We had a lot of fun and although the meeting was chaotic, everyone went home with bags in progress. We meet again on Oct.15th. I'm looking forward to the results. Maybe I'll have some photos to post. My big question is, who will be able to stop at just one bag? Time will tell!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Needle felted felted bag

Needle felting is a very artistic pursuit. I have seen wonderful pieces as thrilling as any painting or sculpture. I myself am at the crayon stage. I knew one of these bags would make a great base for the technique and it does. This bag was knitted with just two strands of yarn. It is not as firm as the 3 strand bag and you can see that the garter stitch is wider than the body of the bag. This was an accident as I was knitting away and not paying attention. So now I know what happens with two strands for an entire bag.

For those who are not familiar with needle felting, there are sharp needles involved. You need to put a small piece of foam inside the bag under where you are working. NEVER work in your lap. The process itself is rather satisfying, like sticking a voodoo doll.

My defense for this bag is that I was having trouble sleeping so I got up in the middle of the night to work on it and you can see the results. I think it looks a little better in real life than in the photo. Hope it doesn't end up on You knit What 2 .

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Bobble Bag Variation

You can see a picture of this bag by looking at Pandora's Bag.

Row 1:(RS) K1,P1,K1,P1,K1, into the same stitch, turn
Row 2 (WS)P5 turn.
Row 3 (RS) k5 turn.
Row 4 (WS) P 5 ,turn.
Row 5 (RS) Sl 2, K 3 tog, pass two slip stitches over (1 st)
Bobble complete.

Beginning at (3) add your third strand of yarn.

Knit 4 rows.

Bobble Row: K2, *make bobble, K4 **, repeat from *to ** until 2 stitches remain, K2.
K 1 row. These two rows can be done in a different color.

Repeat the last 6 rows until desired length. End with knit 4 rows. Continue pattern at (4)

September has been flying by like the birds flying south. The coming frost has us all on the move. The garden calls, but Purl Too and I are working on getting the materials together to teach our knitting group how to make a felt bag. The pile of Galway at my house right now is staggering. The crow bead count is way up too. We just have to get the kits together. I feel like Tom Sawyer painting the fence, but what good is fun, if you can't share it with your friends!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

How to leave a comment.

I was so sure that the caterpillar would get a comment or two. Nope, it didn't happen. Here's how to leave a comment on a post. Click where it says comment under the post in question. You will be asked to sign up for a Google email account. This is to prevent anonymous comments. Google email has some definite good stuff. There is unlimited storage, search capability and sending photos is a snap. (pun intended ) There are ads, but not much in this world is really free, and this is the USA where people sell advertising on their forehead. We do reserve the right to edit comments. Really how could we not?