Saturday, September 29, 2007

Grab and Go 1

Well, I like to have my socks match my undies. I like to feel coordinated from the inside to the outside. So when I started to make felt bags I realized I needed a smaller bag to hold my credit cards and license and also a key ring that matched. I always empty my purses. I know most of us just keep shoving stuff into them until nothing is findable but I like to have a different small bag for different things like make-up, money, medicine, a key to my gym locker at the Y, and all of these get unpacked and put into another bag which matches (there’s that coordination thing again) my next outfit. Here are some of the results. This one is a brown beaded bucket shaped bag. Along with it are a smaller bag and a key ring. They fit comfortably into the bag with room for a book and a bottle of water. This is just the thing to “grab and go” when you have to make a trip to the supermarket or the lys.

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