Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Easier? Intarsia Bag

For me this bag was like reading Harry Potter. I just couldn't put it down. The photo is the bag before felting. I will screw up my courage and felt it soon, but I'm spending some time with it as it is first.

I decided to do an Intarsia bag differently. First chart a design you wish to follow. Graph paper with nice big squares works nicely . You will need 62 squares in width. Scotch tape might be needed to accomplish this . Find your crayons and get creative.

Materials and needles are the same as Knit One's Bag of Tricks.

Start with knit on cast on for 60 (62) stitches. Mark the center line , which will be the side seam of your bag. Now knit following your chart. In my case the back of the bag is just blue. When you have finished your chart, leave the stitches on your needle. Now is a good time to neatly finish all of your ends. Get out your tapestry needle and sew the bottom seam , then sew up the open side seam. Mark the beginning of the round . Now begin to knit in the round doing knit 1 row, purl one row for 8 rows. For the bind off row , Knit 2 , bind of until 2 stitches remain. End knit 2. Now work I cord for your strap to desired length. Finish the end with Purl Too's tab for sewing the strap onto the bag if you like.

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tangled stitch said...

It looks really cool in it's knit form can't wait to see it felted.