Sunday, October 21, 2007

Pink Hat

A while ago I received word that a dear friend had been tapped for a club which has too many members, none of whom want to belong. She was my daughter’s best friend in high school and is now a mother of two. So without thinking, out came my favorite addi 9 circs and a very soft yarn and before I knew it, I had a chemo cap. There was a time when I was very involved in knitting for need. One year I decided to make a cap a day, or at least 7 per week. I topped 400. Strangely, at that time, I actually knew no one who was in need of this headgear and they all got dropped off at oncology centers, hospitals, American Cancer (there, I’ve said the word) collection centers.
Now the hat has a head under it, so to speak. I have learned, over the years that they are not chemo caps; they are hats for people who have delicate scalps which are cool even in a warm home. Although I automatically slipped into my “classic cap” mode, any hat will do. They should be soft and fun and whimsical and dramatic and all those things hats were meant to be. I am working on a very Scarlet O’Hara tea on the verandah one now.
This is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I am more aware this year than I want to be.
Please, do something. If you don’t care to knit, give time, help, or money. I am a survivor of this insidious club which likes to make members of those who are much too young. One of my fondest hopes is to someday hear someone say, “Chemo cap? What’s a Chemo cap?”

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