Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Learn from My Mistakes

3. White wool does not felt well. I didn't want to believe it. I read it somewhere that the bleaching process used to make wool white impedes the felting process. However, I wanted to do this Mondrian, so I asked the yarn company before I ordered the white, and they told me some people had no problem with the white felting properly. Thinking that I would be one of those people, I ordered the yarn. For my first attempt, I felted a plain white bag to use for needle felting. The white became muddied and the stitches were still visible. I blamed the jeans that I was using in the wash with the bag and thought more time was needed. (I was in denial!)

Something told me I was pushing the envelope so I charted my Mondrian and started a potholder instead of a bag. The potholder is from Knit It Felt It . I made a set of these before, and I love using them. Moisture doesn't seep through and you can throw them in the wash, just not the dryer.

The picture says it all. My potholder is crooked. The white is not felted and it is discolored. Mondrian would not be pleased , and neither am I. Well, I was warned and now you have been too!

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