Sunday, December 9, 2007

Dragon Fire

I did the back! I often wondered why most patterns start with the back. Now I know. It’s so you can work out the kinks before you get to the front. There the dinosaur is, in all his glory. I know he’s a dinosaur, a stegosaurus, to be exact, but I refer to him as the “dragon” since we both seem to breathe fire at each other. The pattern calls for some handwork, embroidery, on the beast to fill in the feet, mouth, eye, and some design work on the body. But that comes later. It’s actually called “finishing work”.
I reached the neck shaping and realized that I didn’t have the right number of stitches. Remember, I had started out to use the other pattern with this design, due to the gauge problem. Then I switched to the original pattern during the stripes. Of course, the number of stitches to be bound off and decreased didn’t add up to what I had so I did what I think is a ratio. I put the number I had (which was smaller) over the number the pattern should have had (which was larger) and I divided. I then used this number (which was a decimal) to multiply the number of stitches the pattern wanted me to use and after much rounding off I made it come out to within one stitch! (I just added that on) It looks like the picture but now I have to remember to do all of this on the front and then on the sleeve shaping. Flames! Huge flames are coming out of his mouth!
I did learn something about intarsia though. One has to look a row ahead to see where the color dropped is going to be picked up. If it’s further along the row, it has to be carried along to there. If it is back some, it has to be carried as you are moving back. I have many too many strands in the back of the beast. One day I’ll show you a picture of that, but not now. It’s just too discouraging.
He’s sort of neat though, isn’t he?Now I have to do it all over again for the front! Only with a different number of rows and a different bind off so there will be more ratios to do (if they are ratios).

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