Tuesday, January 22, 2008

To Rip or not to Rip

"To rip or not to rip:Whether 'tis nobler... "Ah nuts!!!! Here it is. I finished the scarf. I slipped it onto two double points and turned it. The stockinette side was lusciously soft and smooth. I bound off with glee, and then I saw them, two bad stitches. Both of them were on the last stitch in the row and just a single stitch. "No one will see them." I thought. " but I see them. If you run your hand down the scarf you can feel them." If you zoom in on the lower right of the picture you can see them. It's almost perfect, but this is not horseshoes. I got my crochet hook, ripped out the bind off, took a deep breath and dropped that stitch all the way down to the second bad stitch, wondering all the while if I would be sorry. I carefully used the crochet hook to knit the stitch back to the top. Hooray, it worked beautifully. So I'll change the bind off , and sew up the end so it looks more like the beginning end and be happy. This alpaca is so soft and warm. Now I have the boots, the gloves, the hat , and scarf and January is only half over. February, I'm ready!

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