Wednesday, January 9, 2008

What are the Odds?

I'm working on the scarf. I've been bidding on 16 inch bamboo needles on Ebay, but so far I have been too tight, no cheap, make that thrifty, to win them. Not letting that hold me back , I started my scarf using the knit one, slip one, two needle method. The scarf is done on straight needles. Yes, I'm using a circular, but you don't need to. If all goes well and I don't make any mistakes, I will turn the scarf at the end to reveal a lovely scarf with stockinette on both sides. I'll finish it off with a 3 needle bind off and Voila! Of course just one mistake in the knitting and slipping process and I will not be able to turn the scarf. It will be stuck together. In that case I will bind it off anyway, and have an equally lovely reverse stockinette scarf. Feel free to make side bets among yourselves. So far it's looking good.

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