Sunday, February 3, 2008

A funny thing happened on the way to the blog . . .

When we began the blog, we were really into beading. At the time I couldn’t envision knitting anything that didn’t have a bead in it. All was going well when Knit discovered an article in Angel Hair Yarn. It was about felting. We were thinking about felting and we tried those booties but here was something we could do without worrying about size and fit.
The article was called the “No Rules” bag. The idea was that she would knit her version of it and I would knit my version of it and we could start something which showed how different knitters using the same pattern could have very different outcomes.
We bought yarn in wild colors. Knit took it first and used the Angel Hair Yarn directions to make a rectangle bottom bag. She turned down the hem and sewed on the handles. She thought the bag was really ugly at this point, but on she went. After felting, it came out of the washer wider at the top. The double thickness of the hem did not shrink as much as the rest of the bag. The top edge was all wavy. “Disaster!” she thought. Then she smoothed out the hem and let the bag dry. As is sometimes the case with felting, you get something different than what you expect. “I love my bag!” she exclaimed and packed up the yarn for me. Knit kept her bag a secret until I finished mine so we could compare.
Of course, I took so long to make mine that by the time I was finished Knit had completed a neat half dozen bags of all shapes and with all kinds of carry-along yarn.
I began my bag smaller. Casting on 130 stitches was off-putting to me right from the start. I also didn’t do the rectangular bottom. I tried to use the Fibonacci method for my striping but I lost count somewhere along the way and what you see is what I got.
The experiment worked, though. We each got very different bags and it’s been the same ever since. Whatever pattern we use, Knit and Purl come up with very different results. Mine is on the left and Knit’s is on the right. It was a fun experiment and when we taught the method to our group not a single bag they produced was alike. They’re sort of like snow-flakes.
The moral of the story is: creative people are creative. A pattern is just a starting place.

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