Monday, February 18, 2008

Lost and Found

Since the snow has melted again, were taking a walk around the garden. " My hat" I exclaimed! There it was under the porch. How the heck...? Then I remembered. It was a week or so ago when I was coming home, and I dropped my car keys just outside the kitchen door. It was a million to one shot , and they slipped through the crack and down under the porch. I thought of the old close- pin- in- the- bottle game , we played as kids. I was never good at it then, why now? I slithered under the porch, and found the keys right next to the foundation. I was muddy, and wet and grumpy when I crawled back out! Apparently I was also hatless. That alpaca hat is so light , who could tell?

My happiness went quickly to dismay when the hat was retrieved. It was wet of course, but there were mysterious dark spots in places, and holes. Now if I were a little creature , and I found a pink hat made of baby alpaca in the dead of winter, I would move right in too. However this left me with a choice. I could wash the hat, try to mend it and wear it again , or I could make a new one with the yarn that I conveniently have in my stash. What would you do? For me it's no contest. My knitting project list is like a Netflix queue. A new hat just got moved to the top.

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