Saturday, February 23, 2008

One Sock Wonder

Purl Too's socks were too much for me !I found my sock pattern (Search the blog for More Bliss.) and my magical sock yarn (Search the blog for Christmas Present.) This pattern uses DPs so I started my sock. The yarn came out in a fair isle like pattern that was amazing. Things were going beautifully, but I began to wonder about the repeat. I had planned to stop at the heel and knit the other sock to the same place in order to avoid one sock syndrome. Of course the second skein was started in a totally different place in the dying pattern , making that slick move impossible. Undaunted I continued on with my first sock. I finally got to the end of the repeat (Marked on photo.) and then to the end of the skein. (Also marked on photo.) I used the second skein to finish the sock.

So here I am with my one sock. I need more yarn, since one skein will not finish the pair even if I take the "No my socks don't match. Isn't it wonderful." approach. So my daughter will come to the rescue with more yarn. My plan is to try to match this sock. So "One Sock Syndrome" it is , at least for now.

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