Friday, February 8, 2008

The Sweaters Have Landed

They reached England and my grandsons are modeling the sweaters. Grandson number one is wearing the stegosaurus (the sweater formally known as “dragon”) and grandson number two is in the Superman hoodie. Now that I can see them being worn it makes a big difference. A picture of a sweater is good but it’s always cooler to see a real person in them. They’re really adorable, and the sweaters are cute too (sorry, just a little Gran humor). Perhaps I will rethink my vow never to do intarsia again. It’s one of those things that just takes practice and since my goal is to become a “fine” knitter, intarsia must be mastered! I just saw a chart for a row of penguins that would look fantastic around the border of a sweater . . . ummm

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