Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Who dun it Bag

Perhaps you are wondering, "Why the Lineup" Has some horrible bag crime been committed? I will explain. I got a call the other day from a friend who lives some distance from me. She was quite pleased and said " I bought one of your bags at the consignment shop. I could tell because it still had your tag." It's obvious that when you make all these bags you have to do something with them. Purl Too and I do have some items out for sale in a couple of local shops, but not in this one.

As it happens Christmas came and went, and one bag had disappeared . Right away the Nancy Drew, Sherlock Hemlock, Matlock, whoever in me, kicked in. "Really" I said. "Can you describe the bag in question?" My steel trap mind was thinking that the missing bag culprit was just within my grasp. My friend was surprised by my tone. I must have been using that, I'm looking for a felt bag felon, quality in my voice. "Why do you ask?" she said. I explained about the purloined purse (sounds like a book title doesn't it) .

"It's furry blue with shades of green and purple" she told me. Now our bags are all different and very easy to pick out of a lineup. I instantly knew that I had been wrong. That was a legally regifted bag. I had given it to someone as a Christmas present. Apparently it wasn't her style. My friend was relieved that she had not received stolen property. Regifting is legal, I'm guessing in all 50 states , and it should be. I do it myself. CASE CLOSED !!!

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Sabina said...

Hi Knit and Purl!
Greetings from the somewhat sunny Southwest. Your bags are wonderful. I wish that I had found the fuzzy one in a consignment shop.
Has it really been 12+ years since my last Jericho Fibre Arts meeting. I do miss you all and would love to meet the "new" ones.
Janet lead me to your site!