Monday, March 3, 2008

A Matched Pair

Life must be easier for the free spirits who feel no need to match. Why you could dress in the dark! Not so for the uptight symmetrical types like me. I'm not that way about everything ,but when I am, there's no help for it

So I searched out another skein of yarn. The original store was out. I guess it was about the third try online that I found a skein. They had just one. I waited for the package to arrive . When it did, I tore it open and set to work. I found the place in the skein to match the top of my first sock. I wish I could tell you it was at the beginning of the skein, but no, it was about half way in. So I did some serious fiddling to match the pattern. I have several ends to bury in that second sock, ( Notice the lump on the side of my left foot.) but finally, I did it.

So my socks match, right down to the slightly defective toe decreases.

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