Monday, March 17, 2008

The Mirror of Erised

So Purl and I have been visiting Ravelry. For her it is Oz , for me it is the Mirror of Erised in Harry Potter.

It started innocently enough. The topic was gifts for gardeners, and I thought of these felted potholders. Gardeners cook. They would be perfect. But then I saw myself in the mirror, knitting purple eggplant, orange pumpkin and red tomato shaped pot holders complete with leaves. Then I thought of intarsia. I could do a sunflower or Monet's water lilies. Whoa! Wait a minute! These are potholders we are talking about. I need to do what Dumbledore did for Harry. I'm taking Ravelry off my bookmark list. It's way too easy to go there. I won't drop out though. I might want to get a glimpse in the mirror again.

If you knitting and crocheting can use a little desire and inspiration, you can get to Ravelry from here. Just go to Purl's "We're Not in Kansas Anymore" post and click on the link to Ravelry. You'll get there fast, but like Dorothy you'll have to wait at the gate.

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