Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sock Day

Today is sock day. I know these photos don’t look like socks but that’s the point. I have been working on my intarsia skills by making little baby sweaters. They don’t take too long and they look so cute when you’re finished. I made up the pattern, as much as one makes up a pattern. What I mean is I didn’t follow a written pattern. I used measurements for sweaters for certain sizes, I used the gauge for the yarn and needles I was using, and I used a start at the bottom, go up and over the top down to the bottom of the other side technique for a boat-neck T shirt. I didn’t invent it but I don’t know who did. The duck chart and the star chart are from chart pattern sites, I can’t draw to save myself but Knit says one day I will be doing that too. Who knows? She said I’d knit a sweater without a pattern and I am. She said I could do intarsia and I am. She said I could knit socks and I am. Or I’m not. That’s the point. I’ve been so busy with these intarsia practices that I have let my socks just sit sadly in their little bag. So . . . today is sock day. No duckies, no stars, no itsy bitsy sleeves, just socks. I’m loving it!

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