Sunday, March 9, 2008

Socks the Old Fashioned Way

Purl Too is up on the latest with her two socks on one needle. I'm still using my old double points and keeping track of my rows and increases with a pencil and paper. I know they have new electronic counters now, but sometimes I think if I bring just one more thing in this house that needs a battery I will scream! So I'm starting my second sock and will follow my notes checking at each measurement point in case I missed writing down a row or two.

This pair has no challenge of pattern matching. The challenge here is keeping the yarn on the needles. It just wants to slide off. I'm getting lots of practice picking up dropped stitches . This TOFUtsies yarn is making an interesting weight sock. It's really light even though the yarn is 50% wool. I look forward to wearing them and washing and drying them in the machine.

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