Tuesday, March 11, 2008

We're Not in Kansas anymore

What do close knit friends do when they are not knitting? Well, Knit has a passion for her garden. Check out her wonderful blog in her profile. She also has been known to indulge in weaving. Above is a picture of one of us at our Fiber Arts Guild show and demonstration working on a wonderful triangular loom. (Guess which one of us it is.) Another thing we both do is Revel in Ravelry. What is Ravelry? It is a magic kingdom where the streets are paved with yarn and everyone speaks our language. It is definately not Kansas. There are thousands of members but it doesn’t seem crowded. To get into Ravelry you go to:
They are very friendly and you can take a tour. The bus leaves whenever you get there. If you like what you see you sign up for an invite. They accept between 500 and 800 people each day. It took me 7 days to get in. It was worth the wait! Once a member, you get your own page with a place to store patterns and make a spreadsheet of all the needles you have so you don’t keep buying them, there’s a library of books on all kinds of fiber arts. The site is still in Beta although it’s been operating for a year. Each day something new seems to be added. There are forums where groups are listed and you can go to a thread which interests you and say your piece. There are so many groups, I haven’t seen them all yet. I belong to 8 now and they form my forum page along with some others that just seem to be there. You can invite yourself to be some one’s friend. Then you can see all their groups and see how much you have in common. It takes up entirely too much of my time but it’s fascinating and I’m learning all sorts of new things. I’m in a cable scarf kal and I found a wonderful sweater pattern which I downloaded for free. Ravelry is associated with Flickr so you can post pictures of your work and people can see pictures of yours. Do I sound excited? I love Ravelry. Stop in and take the tour. You will be excited too and very likely will sign up for that invite. Then the fun really begins.

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