Friday, March 7, 2008


How many WIPs can you have before you just get totally embarrassed about never finishing anything? Apparently, one can have many, too many. I was looking for one of my favorite needles the other day and after going through bags and tubs of stuff I found it in a project which was never completed. I started to try to sort the WIPs out and decide what to complete and what to frog. I’ve decided to embarrass myself and treat you to a look at some of my Works In Progress. Some of them you’ve seen, like this giraffe. I started it to learn intarsia and as soon as I completed the intarsia part, I went on to something else. Sometimes I think I have the attention span of a strawberry. Well, I picked it up and I fixed the problem with the bind off and the fact that the front was longer than the back. Now I am on the sleeves. With you watching, maybe I’ll get some of these finished.

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