Thursday, April 17, 2008

Wet Felted WIP

This week I took a class in wet- felting- by- hand, taught by Lisa Merian of Spinner's Hill. I've always been curious about wet felting, but never took the plunge , so to speak. Purl decided to pass on this project, after all you can't do everything, can you?

I must say I had a wonderful time. Lisa supplied a gorgeous mound of colored rovings and carded wool for us to use. It was a feast for the eyes with many bright exciting colors to choose.

As you can see we were making felt bags. I chose some some exotic silk threads and fabric to decorate my bag. The bag is worked from the outside in. That means you make your design, and then cover it up with carefully laid layers of wool, running in alternating directions, first on one side and then the other. After that you add water and soap and rub, and rub , and rub...

When the bag is felted enough you cut an opening and turn the bag right side out. Next the handle is felted and inserted between the layers, and then you add water and soap and rub, and rub and rub...

When I got home I felt like the "I just flew in from Cleveland, and boy are my arms tired. " joke.
It was really fun , but when I go home , I patted my washer and said "It's you and me kid!"
I'm going back to the knit , and then felt thing.

So here is my bag! It's a WIP. It needs a closure of some kind. the silk threads are not felted down very well. Perhaps some beads, or needle felting will do it. I guess I'll live with it for awhile and decide.

In any case it was great fun trying this new, rather mysterious process. If you could use the exercise, it's a great way to get it!

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