Sunday, May 25, 2008

Finished Simple Socks

The "Simple Socks" are finished! I'm not sure that both socks are exactly the same size and of course the patterning is different, but they went out of here on my daughter's feet and looked OH SO COOl peeking out of the holes in her shoes. She was wearing the purple top seen in the background of this picture. She's happy and I'm delighted!

As you can see, I've already started my next sock. I'm going back to my regular pattern and will just make them an inch shorter. Really when you get down to it, the difference in sock patterns is in the details. What kind of decreases do you like to do? How many stitches do you want to weave together for the toe? Do you want the extra thickness of the slip stitch rows for the heel flap?

I'm looking forward to a stress free knitting experience this time. I'm in familiar territory. No confusion between psso and ssk, no ratio problems, just knitting.

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