Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Knitting Doldrums

I sold my first Monet bag and decided it was time to try another one. Waterlilies with the bridge at Giverny was the image in my head.

I made my chart on a graph with 30 stitches and 41 rows. That's different from the normal knitting graph paper because I intend to felt this design. I'm sure the math is not perfect, but this graph has been working for me. I wound my colors into balls of three strands so that the colors will blend, and I began to knit.

It soon became obvious that the bag was just too small for the proposed bridge. Now the finished bag in my head, and the work on my needles are at odds. Work stopped.

First it's my "simple" socks, and now this bag. The wind has been knocked out of my knitting sails so to speak. Maybe I needed a breath of fresh air. I put this project aside too , and fondled the new yarn that just came in the mail. I was so tempted to start something new!

This time I didn't . I decided to finish the bag sans bridge, and felt it as it is. It will be "The Lily Pond". I'm up to the band and handle so it should be finished soon. It's not exactly what I had planned, but that happens. We'll see what the washing machine can do with this project.

I picked up the socks again too. The second sock is on its toe decreases.

So my next post will either be "The Lily Pond" or" Finished Simple Socks"

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