Monday, May 19, 2008

Meanwhile on another blog...

I was visiting Ravelry again( See"Mirror of Erised" post.) Ganiggle Knits was celebrating the beginning of her blog with a write- a- funny- knitting- story contest. Usually I don't enter contests , but this time I did. I like this blog , so I put it on my Google Reader. Besides , there was a chance , however slim, that I might win.

I was thrilled when I got an email telling me that I had won the contest, but that paled by comparison to going to another blog, and seeing my writing published there. Not only that, there was a prize of yarn!

You can share in the excitement. The yarn is ALL mine, but you can go to Ganiggle Knits and read my prize winning story. Please comment on it. That would be great, because Ganiggle would love know you have been there. Meanwhile I'm watching the mailbox, waiting for my yarn to arrive from Canada. It's here! It's here. My beautiful yarn is finally here! The spring garden colors will make a gorgeous felted bag. Boy those custom agents are good with duct tape. I'm sure it has been a sniffed and fondled, but it made the trip just fine!

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