Saturday, May 17, 2008

Simple Socks

Just look at this yarn. Doesn't it remind you of a brilliant sunset? I received a skein of this yarn as a gift. At 291 m it was a little short for my usual sock pattern, but as luck would have it there was a Simple Sock Pattern on the band. Perfect I thought, since one skein of the yarn was the material required for the pattern. It looked easy too, just count the rows, no measuring.

This yarn called Jitterbug is made in Wales. Right away we have a little metric situation, but
I didn't see this as a problem. The pattern called for 2.5mm needles. I consulted a chart (on the back of a pair of Chinese double points) which told me that the required needles were between a 2 and a 1. I tried the 2 and found that the 30 stitches to 4'' required a smaller needle. So I did a quick rip out and used the size1.

As you can see I was knitting along fine on my beautiful sunset sock. The 30 stitches measured exactly 4 ". However when I finished the 40 rows called for, which according to the gauge would measure 4 ", it was only 3.25". Now I 'm confused, but there's an email address on the band so I sent the message below.


I'm trying to use the pattern on the yarn band. I'm using size 1
needles. The number of stitches to measure 4 " is perfect, however
the 40 rows called for in the pattern measures 3.25". I don't
understand how it can be perfect in one direction and off in the
other. Also if I adjust the length will I have enough yarn to finish
the project? The pattern calls for 1 skein.
I love the colors of the yarn and I want this to work.

Can I ask what size needles you are using to make you socks?
One hank of Jitterbug will make a pair of socks up to a size UK 6, anything above this would probably need another hank.

The Colinette Team.

Huh!!! There's a slight disconnect here. I decided to call the lys where the yarn was purchased. ( This should have been my first move.) She suggested that I use the gauge to determine the measurement for each step in the pattern. So now it's a simple ratio math problem with decimals. Oh joy!!!

I'm almost finished with my first sock. When I finish it , I will weigh it to see if it is over 55grams. If it is, I'll need that second hank of yarn UK6 or not. I have a few other issues with this pattern as well. So just let me ask, over there across the pond, does the word simple mean easy?

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