Friday, May 2, 2008

Why not!

All I said was “why don’t we?”, and she said, “why not?’ and here we are, one year later. I have to say, it’s been nothing like I thought it would be and something extraordinary and exhilarating. We started to show what two different people would do with one idea. Then beads came along and we got caught up in them, Knit with bitsy beads and Purl with huge beads. Suddenly we were felting. Purl going smallish with pockets and things that matched and Knit going Matisse and Mondrian and the WaterLillies. We have no idea how all this happened. Towards the end we found ravelry and suddenly Purl was making socks and talking to book authors and Knit was making socks with shrimp shells in them.
What can I say? I have tried so much and learned things I never knew about. We explored our craft and it explored us. Can we do it again? Well, I just got into lace and Knit is being inspired by the colors of her garden to felt wonderful things.
Thanks for being part of it with us.


Anonymous said...

Whether you thought you could or whether you thought you couldn't, you did.

"Happy First Anniversary" you two.

Gretchen said...

Love the blog, you go girls!! I hope to find some time to create with you this summer.

tangled stitch said...

Really lovely! Great idea! Sorry it's been a while I dropped off the face of the earth for a while.Lovely, lovely. See you soon.