Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Darned Socks!

There you have it, the dreaded hole! I posted the completion of this pair of socks in May. The yarn is Jitterbug, a beautiful but very pricey sock yarn. Three months is a short time for a pair of socks, even if you wear them a lot! Thank goodness I found the leftover sock yarn. (Never give away leftover sock yarn!) I remember that I used size 1 needles. This hole is a 3 stitch hole. One knit row needs to be picked up with a crochet hook since the ladder is intact. Two loose ends on each side means it is a 2 row hole.

As soon as I calm down, serenity being necessary for me to complete this kind of repair, I will attempt my repair. First I will fix the knit row with the remaining ladder. Then I will thread a yarn needle with the leftover yarn and use duplicate stitch under the hole starting two stitches before the hole and go two stitches past. Two duplicate stitches on the next row will be followed by three knit stitches, then two duplicate stitches. Two duplicate stitches on the next row will be followed by three Kitchener stitches and then two duplicate stitches. This should close the hole. One row of duplicate stitch across the top and the ends can be buried with a crochet hook.

For now the hole is safely isolated . When I calm down I will be able to decide if I should start on the right or the left side. Since I have used this yarn for three pairs of socks, I think I will be getting TOO MUCH practice doing this kind of repair. DARN!