Friday, September 5, 2008

I'm Baaack!

My, my, my! What, oh what has happened to Close Knit Friends? Well, we're still close, still knitting and still friends. But Knit has become Becky (who had actually been Becky all along). I'm still Purl Too. I sort of melted into the summer sun but I have been working my little fingers till they tingle. However, it's after Labor Day, for me always the start of the year and I can no longer shirk my responsibilities.

Allow me to introduce David Bowie. My Dear SIL gave me a book called Knitted Icons and sort of hinted that he'd love to have David. Since his birthday is in August, I made it one of my projects. Actually, I can't take credit for the entire thing because Becky made the costume for Dave. She used to sew Barbie outfits for her daughter and can actually make those teeny tiny clothes. The book is fun to look at but I don't think they used any test knitters. I had to take most of the stuffing out of Dave and push the body I had knitted, up into the head, making his neck somewhere near his nose. Fortunately, I had not sewn the face on. We used pipe cleaners, not recommended in the book but really useful if you want Dave to stand. After the pipe cleaners were stuffed into the costume, there was no room at all for the knitted arms and legs so I made the feet and hands out of pipe cleaners too and attached them. The instructions for the hair were very complex. Fortunately I had some of the proper color roving about (note the clever way I slipped roving into the conversation, could it be that Purl now spins?). I needle felted the roving to his head, put on the face and used a fiber marking pen for the signature lightning bolt. I sent him off to London where SIL was very happy. David is now sitting in a corner office with a window that looks out on Big Ben. He is a very happy camper.

I have spent my other time learning to love lace, and trying to learn to knit backwards so I can do intarsia in the round. But the thing that takes most of my time and love right now is Spinning. Yes, dear ones, I now have my very own wheel and am getting better by the yard. But more about that another time.