Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Knitter's December

The holidays are nearly over. I gave away some of my stash yarn as gifts. I actually finished some socks for presents. I received some terrific sock yarn from my son in my favorite colors. It's the sock that you see started. I just seem to have to be working on a pair of socks. Right now I LOVE sock yarn! The hemp/wool yarn was a gift from my daughter.I adore the colors and am thinking about what to make with it. In the meantime I love the yarn just the way it is. The beaded stitch markers are a gift from knitting friends. Those around me know how to make me smile. Maybe you'll get to see this pair of socks finished because they are going to be MINE!

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Crafty Gardener said...

That is lovely sock yarn. Socks are one item I have yet to knit in all my many, many years of knitting. I made some stitch markers to give away as gifts as well.

Linda, aka Crafty Gardener