Saturday, January 31, 2009

No More Jitterbug!

These is probably my last pair of socks made with Jitterbug yarn. This time around , I got one of those skeins that had breaks in the yarn. When wound from the skein, I had at least six balls of yarn ranging from medium to tiny to work with. If it had been a recent purchase, I would have returned it. Since the yarn was purchased over a year ago, that train has left the station.

I do have to say I get more compliments on socks made with this yarn than I do any others,but if you buy this yarn, look for extra ends in the skein. If you see any, no matter how beautiful the colors, put it back and move on. Washing by hand and drying flat is definitely worth the trouble with this yarn. I know it says you can machine wash. It's a mistake.

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