Saturday, August 29, 2009

Finished Socks

Knitting socks with hand dyed yarn is as compelling as reading a great mystery novel. You just don't know exactly how they will turn out in the end. I'm thrilled with my new socks and will be looking for clothes to go with them. Sock knitters will understand planning your wardrobe with socks as the focal point. It is interesting to note that the teal and purple socks came out somewhat smaller than the other pair. The yarn and pattern is the same , but the time in the dye bath was slightly different. The purple and teal yarn was in the dye bath for a slightly longer period of time and I guess had slightly more shrinkage. It should all work out in the wash.

The funny threads are marking every 5 rows so my socks turn out the same without using a tally or a row counter.

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