Saturday, January 23, 2010

Tube Socks, What Could Be Simpler?

I've been working on these socks since early last fall. I bought a tantalizing sock book by Anna Tillman called Knitted Socks. I have a great sock pattern , which I love. Why I can't remain faithful?Why do I have to stray to other patterns? I just don't know. I was lured with the idea of socks with no heel, that fit beautifully and looked so different. "Do The Twist" the pattern called to me. It has to be said these socks will be magnificent when they are finished. The socks are thick and plush and do fit beautifully.

But every 6 stitches of every row has a cable twist. That's a lot of twisting. I had trouble with dropped stitches, and found I was unable to pick them back up again. I don't even know how many times I restarted that first sock.Finally I bought a small circular needle and I managed to keep the project going. I can't work on the socks for long, my wrists and hands just can't take it. I was thrilled when I finished the first sock. The second sock spirals in the opposite direction, and is knitted differently. Of the two twists, the second is much easier. My two socks look different. The color is my fault, I bought hand dyed yarn and the shade is slightly different. But the texture is different too. If I were to make another pair of these socks ,not bloody likely , I would make both socks spiral in the same direction and use the second method. My daughter gets these socks. I hope she loves them. She'll have to wear them a lot to equal the time I have spent knitting them.