Monday, December 6, 2010

Where Have We Been?

Finally I have a new knitting project to photograph. A different  pair of spiral socks that wasn't an impossible project. The pattern is from Patons.  I used a  German yarn that comes with a lovely spool of reinforcing yarn for the heel. Of course I didn't notice that fact, and made tube socks. My bad!  I will save it for darning.

Purl now has a full time job. We never see each other, and seldom get a chance to talk. She is still knitting when she has time. I have been very busy with the garden, and my other blog, Plants and Stones. I want to keep this blog alive, and  I will post any knitting I get a chance to finish. It's not the same though.This was so much fun because we did it together. I still hold out hope that Purl will be back!