Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Holiday Knitting So Slow and So Fast

I started these socks before Christmas. They were not going  to be a gift. They were to be mine. That isn't what slowed me down. This Panda Silk yarn is wonderfully soft, silky, and lightweight. I do my socks on DPs and even using wooden needles this project was a challenge. I picked up so many dropped stitches I thought I would never finish. I used my favorite sock pattern, but doubled the yarn for the heel turn. I love wearing hand knit socks, but hate darning them. Under my heel seems to be where the first hole usually appears. Now that they are done, I think I should have doubled the yarn in the gusset area too. I love these socks so I'll wearing them to test that idea for next time.

I was looking for the perfect Christmas present for my friend Helen. I had heard her talk about Ripple yarn, and how intriguing she thought it was. It is one of those ladder yarns that knits up into a ruffled scarf.  This scarf is color #103 of Ripple by Knitting Fever. When I went to the store I saw  a skein of yarn in colors that just had to be meant for Helen. The pattern was printed on the label, but the instructions were short and did not explain the basics of knitting with this funny looking stuff. I watched several You Tube videos to study up and then gave Helen the yarn at knitting group so I could help her get started. Once started, the scarf became more intriguing with each row. Helen was sure it would take her awhile to finish, but before 24 hours were up, I got a call saying her scarf was finished. What could make a better gift for a knitting friend? She had the fun of making it, and now she has the fun of telling others about it when she wears it.