Monday, March 5, 2012

A New, Short Term, Lease on Life

I can't  remember what year I made this sweater.  I do remember that the pattern was really fun to do. It changed every few rows and made the knitting exciting and compelling. I finished this sweater quickly and discovered that it was too small for me when I finished it.  So this sweater went to my daughter and I made a second one to fit me. These loved, cozy, comfortable sweaters are like old friends. This old friend needed mending. My sweater was even worse.


The biggest immediate problem with this sweater was the cuffs. One had really raveled up from the edge. I found the leftover yarn which made a repair possible. I carefully used a contrasting yarn to weave through  the  row of stitching that was still intact on the first sleeve.  Then I found the corresponding  row on the other sleeve and did the same. Now it was time to cut. I took Elizabeth Zimmerman's advice to lie down for 15 minutes in a darkened room. Then, feeling like a nervous brain surgeon , I cut the cuff below the basted line. Once I had the stitches picked up it was easy to knit new ribbing onto the sleeve. I never actually made this kind of repair before so I was pretty pleased with myself. The second sleeve went even better. The patient survived!

This sweater has a new lease on life, but the wool is old so the repair may be very short term. I will save the yarn for the next needed repair.  As for my sweater, I think it is too far gone to rescue.

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