Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Knitter's Christmas

Over the years I have always loved to knit presents for friends and family.  Always my plans exceed what I manage to finish or sometimes even start.  There have been several years when yarn and pattern were wrapped with the promise of a somewhat belated gift.  This fall I had planned  to finish two sweaters.  One for myself and the other for my daughter. They are replacements for matching sweaters we have had for years.  This is hers.  It is pinned to be blocked in preparation for sewing it together.  This year  handmade stone buttons and a hat to match the as yet unfinished sweater were wrapped for her to open.

She took her hat home when she left,  so I took a picture of mine.  The hats are the same except for color of course, and I used pattern 1 for mine and pattern 4 for hers.  You can count up from the bottom on the back of the sweater to see which pattern I used.

Of course for the knitter unwrapping a gift of beautiful yarn is a pure pleasure.  The deliciously soft hand spun silk in my favorite purple shade, and the super awesome stitch marker were a gift from Amy.  She stopped by white barn farm to shop.  We love to go there together when I visit.

The lace weight wool is from the sheep of a friend who owns Lilac Hill Farm. It  was hand dyed with red sandalwood by her.  The stitch marker will be put into use very soon.  These beautiful skeins of yarn will sit in a pretty basket for awhile, looking gorgeous until I decide what to make with them.  For a knitter thoughts of Christmas giving start early and last well into the next year.  I think this is as it should be!

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