Tuesday, December 31, 2013

One Last Post For 2013

Purl always told me that top down sweaters were fun to do.  A gift from my daughter of Lion Brand "Amazing" and a great free online pattern have beguiled me to the point of distraction. I can't sit and knit all day any more. My hands won't stand it, but I want to. I really do.  I find myself using a couple of rows of knitting as a reward for any necessary chore I finish.  This color is called Aurora.  I love the palette.  This sweater will go with almost anything.  It even goes with the love seat in the living room.  The yarn is soft and fuzzy.  I hope it washes well.  If this keeps up I will have this sweater done in record time.  The yarn for the next one is on it's way here as we speak.
If this knitting enthusiasm continues, you may hear more from me in 2014.  It would be so nice to have a happy and productive New Year. This is a nice start!