Monday, September 22, 2014

Big Sister

Hi! I'm Becky's "big sister" Sylvia!  I am older but she always told me "You are not the boss of me!"  I love to knit like Becky does but she is a more advanced knitter so "big sister" learns a lot from her. I am part of a Prayer Crafter group at my church where we began with prayer shawls and have found all sorts of fun projects: chemo caps, baby blankets, mittens, sweaters etc. We have even sent hats, scarves and gloves to Bulgaria! I am looking forward to posting some fun projects here! Thanks, Becky for inviting me.

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Becky said...

Welcome!!! Now I want to see those cute pumpkins I've heard so much about. You should be able to upload pictures with your phone. Bailey's mom can help if you get stuck or call me and I will try to talk you through it.